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10 Things to remember when planning a wedding!

Top 10 things to remember when planning a wedding!

1. Was the food good and did I have a good time?

At the end of the day when your guest leave they will subconsciously ask themselves two questions. Was the food good and did I have a good time? Therefore, instead of focusing in on every detail of the planning process, focus in on the parts that matter. Make sure you have killer food and great entertainment lined up for you, your guest, and family.

2. Watch out for overpriced vendors.

The wedding industry is very competitive and there are plenty of event vendors to choose from. Just because a vendor is more expensive does not mean that they provide a better service. I personally know vendors who overcharge customers and are no better than their competitors. In some cases they may be worse. Do your research and go with your gut! Spend time investigating the vendors that appeal to you and don’t base everything on price.

3. Don’t go cheap on the entertainment.

This goes hand in hand with #1. The entertainment portion is extremely important on your big day. There is a common misconception that the DJ or band is there for music entertainment only. In addition to entertainment, they will be your host and guide throughout the entire event. So, make sure you hire a person or group who can do both.

Here are the top reason to not go cheap on the entertainment:

Equipment. Cheap Dj’s or bands tend to have cheap equipment. There is nothing worse than squealing microphones or garbling sound emitting from their speakers. They run the show. The entire event hinges on their performance. They make all the announcements and guide your guest through the entire experience. There is nothing worse than listening to a corny person on the mic for four hours strait. They coordinate everything. A good DJ or Band is constantly working with the other vendors. There is nothing worse than starting the first dance when the photographer is in the bathroom or starting the toast when champagne has not even been passed out. Entertainment is the number one regret from married couples. When asked if they could go back and redo their wedding, 85% of couples responded that they wish they had invested more into the entertainment. Make sure you hire someone who is great at both performing and organizing events. The DJ or Band makes or breaks the wedding!

4. Don’t overspend on decorations.

Decorations are a great way to spice up your event. However, this is an area to really save some money. Some of the best decorations that I have seen at weddings were very simple. First come up with a theme for the wedding (example: Color scheme, décor ideas, etc) and then spend some time on bringing that vision to life.

5. It is your day.

Nothing steals the joy out of a wedding faster than a family member being overbearing and trying to take control of your wedding. Be bold and stand up for yourself. There is nothing wrong with telling people no! At the end of the day, it’s your wedding. Don’t let someone rob you of your special day!

6. Using a friend or family member for coordination is not always the best idea.

Using a family member or friend for day of coordination is a great way to save some money. However, booking a professional really helps to make sure everything runs smoothly. They help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure the success of the event. A family member or friend can be a great fill in, if need be, but having an event coordinator can be a lifesaver.

7. Pay your vendors before the wedding.

Your wedding day will be extremely overwhelming. The last thing you want to do is add extra stress by having to deal with money. Take care of all payments before the wedding starts or delegate it out to someone else. There is nothing like that awkward conversation between you and a vendor who has not been paid yet at the end of the night.

8. Learn to delegate.

Learn to let go of control. Find the right vendors and then trust your choices. There is a reason you hired them. Trust that they will do their jobs and delegate out of the box task to your family members or friends.

9. Keep the bar close to the dance floor

Its finally time to dance and the floor is completely empty. Nothing kills a party like having the bar in another room or a distance away from the dance floor. There is a reason bars and clubs have beer tubs and bars near the floor, it encourages people to stay and dance. This is the most common mistake I see at weddings. Do not make the same mistake, keep the bar close and you will keep people on the floor!

10. Vendor attire

The idea of having a guest show up to your wedding in casual clothes or shorts seems far fetched. However, I see it all the time with vendors. Make sure you go over the type of attire you want at your wedding. There is nothing stranger than beach attire and flip-flops at a formal event.

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