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Groomsmen Gift Ideas for the Canadian Groomsmen

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Hockey, baseball, snow, coffee, a french fry dish with cheese curds and gravy along with beer is among the first things you think about when you think Canada and Canadian men. However, Canadian groomsmen are no different than any others and they have their ordinary likes also.

Though the interest may be different and include things like outdoors, hiking, and camping, what you get your groomsmen in Canada can be very similar to what you would get groomsmen anywhere else.

Choosing your groomsmen gifts for your wedding party in Canada is simple. Think logical, practical, and well, fun.

Have a look at these excellent Canadian groomsmen's options.

Groomsmen Gifts Canada

1. Personalized Hatchets From

Personalized Handmade Hatchet Gifts, $175.00

Choose a hatchet that you can have engraved with names and dates for your groomsmen. These hatchets are stainless steel with rosewood handles. They come in a black pouch that adds a touch of elegance to the gift.

The main dimensions of the ax are 2.6-inch-wide, 4.3 inches high with an overall length of 8.75 inches. These hatchets are durable and will last years.

Let the guys in your life remember their part in your life with a gift that will last a lifetime. Your groomsmen will love this hatchet as it is not so practical, but definitely cool to look at.

2. Personalized Baseball Beer Cap Map From

Personalized Baseball Beer Cap Map Gift, $66.23

Canadians have two sports they are most known for, baseball and hockey. Chances are you and your groomsmen are interested in one or both of these sports. So why not get the guys this beer cap map.

This map is made from wood, and it is originally handcrafted to suit you and your bros. Have the names of your groomsmen engraved on this cap and add the date of your wedding to commemorate your special day.

3. Personalize Modern Copper Bracelet From

Groomsmen Gifts - Personalized Modern Copper Bracelet, $27.00

A unique and cool groomsmen gift that you can give to your wedding party is this modern copper bracelet. Copper bracelets are known for helping to improve your overall health and wellness.

Going back to the early Egyptians, copper has been known to help reduce inflammation. Your groomsmen will love this modern-looking copper bracelet with black leather.

The rings around it can be engraved with names, dates and anything else you would like to have your groomsmen remember. A simple, but definitely a thoughtful choice for those men who mean the most to you.

4. Sharp Forest Knife From

Handcrafted Sharp Forest Knife, $129.00

The Shiloh Sharp Forest knife is an excellent choice for those who love to go camping or spend plenty of outdoor time in the wilderness. This knife is a real collectors’ item as they are not mass-produced knives. Each knife is handmade, making each one unique to the owner who gets it.

Furthermore, they are made with genuine deer, elk, and moose antlers and come housed in a leather sheath. These knives cannot be personalized, but they are a true outdoorsmen gift. Any of your groomsmen will treasure getting this one of a kind knives.

5. Personalized Flask From

Personalized Deer Silhouette Flask, $17.50

What could possibly more Canadian than having a deer flask? You can get a personalized deer silhouette flask made for each of your groomsmen. They come in matte black, copper, and silver. Each is stainless steel and hold up to 8 fluid ounces.

Furthermore, the cap is connected and these flasks are fully customizable both front and back. Your groomsmen will love how unique and awesome these flasks are.

Let them bring their own drinks when they are out or display these flasks as a great conversation starter. Have their names and the date of your wedding etched on them so that the boys never forget!

6. Sunglasses From:

Personalized Sunglasses from Fashioncraft, $71.60

Give your groomsmen these cool customized sunglasses that you can wear for fun. Especially if you are having a destination wedding, these sunglasses make a cool gift that you can use for pictures and memories.

Your groomsmen will love sporting these glasses that are engraved with their names, the date of your wedding, the position they held in your wedding. These glasses are a great choice for any Canadian groomsmen.

7. Hockey Stick Cufflink From

Cross Hockey Stick Cufflinks, $19.99

You are getting ready for the wedding, and you notice your groomsmen don’t have cufflinks for their suits.

That was by design because you planned for your guys to wear their groomsmen gifts. If you guys love hockey, then these cross-hockey stick cufflinks are the right choice for you.

These cufflinks are silver plated and have an engraved design that is excellent for the guys. These cufflinks come in a gift box that allows you to present it to your groomsmen in style.

Sharing the gift of a beloved sport is a great way for you guys to commemorate this moment for the rest of your lives.

7. Personalized Whiskey Bottles From

Groomsmen Whiskey Bottle Labels, $19.99

If you and the guys enjoy spending time together over a drink or two, then these personalized Whiskey bottles may just be the right gift for your groomsmen. You can have them labeled with their names, their position in the wedding party and the date of your wedding.

They will love this gift as it is a great way to keep warm in the winter and to commemorate your wedding day. These are classic looking whiskey bottles that hold 750 ml of whiskey.

Canadian men are no different from other men, though they may have an increased desire for sports and maybe for beer also. However, when it comes to choosing the right groomsmen gift in Canada, you can’t go wrong with alcohol, anything that can be used outdoors or sports.

The guys that matter most to you in your life will sincerely enjoy any of the above gifts that they can either use or hold onto for years to come in memory of your special day and the part they play in your life.

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