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The Importance of Organization On Your Wedding Day

The closer you get to your wedding, the more you seem to have to do. This cannot be avoided and it is not just you. You are trying to coordinate guest, vendors, deliveries, caterers, entertainment, travel arrangements, a photographer, and a bridal party to magically come together at a particular time.

Every person and every company have their own issues to deal with to ensure they are at the appointed place at the appointed time. Failure is not an option.

First things first

The number one thing you need to do is hire a wedding planner. Even if you are able to do everything yourself, you will not have time. Even wedding planners need to hire a wedding planner when they are having a wedding. Next, you need to contact a dress supplier like Azazie. They are unique in that they will let you pay a small (really small) deposit and send bridesmaids dresses to you to try on at home. You can save a lot of time and money taking advantage of online services. The sooner the bridesmaid dresses are out of the way, the more you can focus on you.

Set up your Honeyfund account. This is your free online bridal registry which will help you in your planning and funding of the wedding.

You do not have to have everything clear in your mind to get started. You can add items (like special honeymoon dates and candle light dinners on the beach) later when your plans are more final. But set it up early so you will not miss any opportunities. Finally, get a business binder with clips and sections and organize every phase of the wedding. Keep all of your receipts and contracts in this binder and guard it with your life. If something goes wrong, you will need to refer back to those papers.

Assign duties

We want to stress the importance of remembering that your bridal party is made up of people you love and people who love you. No matter the stress level, remember to be kind, thoughtful, and polite. Bridezilla might be a funny show, but it is a sure way to be lonely in real life. However, the function of a bridesmaid is to attend to the needs of the bride. While the majority of the duties fall on the maid of honor, each member of the bridal party should be willing to assist. Whether that means mailing invitations, arranging flower donations to a nursing home after the wedding, or choosing candy for your candy buffet. Ask your bridesmaids to help you and assign them duties as they have time to help.

Being organized for your wedding is not just a good thing, it is a critical thing. The organized bride has everything she needs at hand when she needs it. She is not searching for a stylist or a DJ at the last minute. She is not freaking out because she forgot to order champagne for the toast, and she rarely has to limp down the aisle because she did not actually try on those 5” heels before the big day. For a less-stressful and more fun experience and for beautiful wedding photos and almost no one gets their feelings hurt due to misunderstandings, get organized.

Make sure the organization includes the honeymoon and travel. The wedding is not over until you are being carried over the threshold of your own front door.

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