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Prom "Then and Now"

Depending on when you went to prom, what you wore, what you listened to, and how you danced could be wildly different from what is popular today. Trends will always fade in and out of favor, but prom will always serve as a benchmark of what was popular each year. Since the 2018 prom season is now in full force, we thought we’d take a look at how things have changed over the years!

Getting A Date

Remember the days when you would actually ask someone to prom face to face? Seems like that tradition has gone in the same direction as newspapers and landlines. No more passing notes or anxious phone calls either. Elaborate promposals are all part of the experience now - the bigger the better. While many revolve around food-based puns, some teens find really creative ways to go above and beyond. The goal is not just for your intended to say yes, but to also make a lasting impression in hopes it goes viral.

What To Wear

Looking back at your prom dress can either make you feel nostalgic, or make you cringe. Prom dress styles have gone from puffy sleeves, to spaghetti straps, to iridescent overlays, and a multitude of other regrettable styles. Fortunately, this year those trends have been replaced by things like dramatic backs, v-necks, and blush pink pastels - a truly classic look.

Guys have a much easier time nowadays, avoiding expensive chain store suit prices (and awkward fitting experiences) by opting for renting prom suits and tuxedos online through outlets like The Black Tux! They also offer a guaranteed good fit and a convenient home try-on service!

The Hot Playlist

Music trends experience a more gradual but continual evolution. New artists and sounds are popping up week after week, slowly but surely replacing what you were listening to yesterday. From 90’s alternative, to boy band pop from the 00’s, to today’s EDM radio hits, what’s considered popular can come and go pretty quickly. Of course legacy artists like Beyoncé have songs that will be relevant year after year, but not every artist is lucky enough to achieve such staying power. However, depending on what your prom theme is, your DJ’s playlist can vary wildly! If your theme is the 1980s, you should expect some new wave throwbacks mixed in with today’s popular hits.

The Best Moves

Is there any popular dance that isn’t considered to be ridiculous 10 years later? We can’t think of any. Looking back, it’s hard to imagine that a dance as cheesy as the macarena was once all the rage! It just goes to show really how powerful a trend can be! That said, you can’t let the thought of future cringing stop you from having a good time. Prom is all about living in the now and appreciating the moment. So dance like no one’s watching! But whether it’s the electric slide, the soulja boy, or juju on the beat, you should make sure you’ve at least got a few good moves before you get out on the dance floor.

What are some of your favorite throwback trends? What are some you wish you could forget?

Here’s a quick guide to help catch you up on other modern prom trends!

Samantha Morris

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